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January 5, 2022

Japan AND TM-2657P Electronic Arm Sphygmomanometer (Made in Japan)




Passed BS EN1060-4:2004, BHS:1993
Both arms can be measured
The body is narrow and easy to place, and it is especially suitable for pregnant women and other people with mobility impairments without affecting the measurement accuracy.
Safety: With overpressure protection, high-speed exhaust. In addition, there are three safety protection mechanisms to fully protect the safety of patients. Unique manual safety lever, which can still ensure safe exhaust in the event of power failure
Computer port (RS-232): You can enter advertisements, and enter the advertisement content required by the user on the blood pressure print report. It can be connected to a computer to enter blood pressure data into software (usually used in hospitals, etc.)
The whole machine is made in Japan
Unique infrared induction energy-saving device, automatically change to a power-saving mode when no one is checked
An indispensable automatic sphygmomanometer in a professional medical examination centre, which can quickly and accurately measure blood pressure, ensure the accuracy of the measurement, and improve the service and image level of medical institutions. The accuracy has passed the double-A certification of the British Hypertension Association
This fully automatic sphygmomanometer is also suitable for outpatient clinics, emergency rooms, hemodialysis rooms, medical centres, physical examination centres, blood collection carts, banks, subways, drug rehabilitation centres, sports centres, schools, insurance companies, airports and other places

Dimensions: 241(W)x324(H)x390(D)mm (9.5(W)x13.0(H)x15.4(D)”)
Weight: 5.5 kg (12.1lb)
Applicable arm circumference: 7″(18.0cm)-13.8″(35.0cm)
Arm strap size: 125x300mm (4.9×11.8″)
AC power supply: 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz
Accuracy: blood pressure: ±3mmHg, pulse ±5%
Large measuring range: upper pressure: 40-270mmHg, downward pressure: 20-200mmHg, pulse rate: 30-240bpm
Warranty: 1 year


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